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              Welcome to Jiaxing Ifind Electromechanical Device Co.,Ltd
              edison@i-find.com.cn / edisongu@vip.163.com
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              Welcome to Ifind

              A Partner Worthy of the most

              Trustworthy Customers

              Experience Product Technology
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              Welcome to Ifind

              Industrial control system

              frequency inverter supplier

              Professional Technology&Quality

              Elevator Inverter




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              Control Type

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              Good Experience

              in Manufactur Zing Instruments
              and Frequency Converters
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              Jiaxing Ifind Electromechanical Device Co., Ltd. has good experience for Making instruments and Frequency inverters. We have three projects, V/F control type, elevator inverter and solar pump inverter. We have 15 engineer product, Our location between Hangzhou and Shanghai, we will be your trust worthy partner in CHINA, we can do more for you!

              We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to come and consult our factory for consultation and discussion of business cooperation.

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              If you have any questions, please contact us.
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